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Some great news for all SDC owners thinking of adding an aftermarket coil, and afraid that it might void their warranty. Well worry no more, Minelab have done the right thing and changed their stand on 3rd party coils. You are now no longer affecting your factory warranty HOORAY!!!!

The SDC 2300 (3230-0003) is a popular and robust machine that was specifically  designed and tuned to a fixed sized coil. However there are now available a range of 3rd party coils available for the SDC 2300, manufactured and supplied by Coiltek. See here for more information. 

SDC’s with Coiltek aftermarket coils fitted by the user remain warranted by Minelab. That is, SDCs that may be experiencing issues can be repaired (under warranty if applicable) via the normal Minelab sales and support channels in your region.

If the issue is related to failure of the Coiltek Coil itself, then this is covered by Coiltek separately. Any damage which is assessed by Minelab or its Authorised Service Centres (ASCs) as having resulted from such modification will not be covered by the Minelab warranty.

SDC’s should be reinstated to the original format (i.e. with original coil fitted) prior to returning to Minelab.

The aftermarket coils have been developed independently of Minelab therefore Minelab cannot provide any information or support regarding the use or performance of these coils. SDC’s with Coiltek coils experiencing issues related to the coil should contact Coiltek support.

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Gold Map Gold Detecting

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